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Scattery Island from boat

Scattery Island

Now uninhabited, Scattery was lived in from the time St Senen established a monastery there in 534 until the last Islanders left in 1978.

It fascinating history encompasses monsters, Vikings, the Spanish Armada, invasions that never happened and a small Island community who had a unique approach to death. Not many people go there – you should.

Thoor Ballylee

Thoor Ballylee

This small tower in a secluded location was once home to the poet William Butler Yeats, who restored it as a home for his family.

Following his death it fell into disrepair (as he predicted) but has now been returned to the way it was when the Yeats family lived there in the early part of the 20th century.


Stone Walls

The ubiquitous stone walls or fences seen in Ireland are the object of much curiosity from visitors, particularly those built without mortar in the west and south.

They are however a practical and useful way to divide land, especially when money is scarce and land is poor. They are also historically interesting and geographically diverse, in fact a lot of Ireland’s history is in those stones.

People on a Dublin Street

How to Behave in Ireland!

People in Ireland are generally pretty laid back and casual but it is useful for visitors to know how a little about to behave in social situations.

There is info here about meeting and greeting, how to behave in pubs, tipping in Ireland and a little about both religion and profanity.

Windy weather and struggling umbrellas

When to Visit Ireland

When choosing the best time to visit Ireland you need to take account of the weather, but since nobody comes here for sunshine the more important things to consider and prices and what special events will be on during your trip.

We look at the pros and cons of visiting at various times of the year and how your interests will be best served by choosing the right time of year for your trip.

Free admission in Ireland

Ireland for Free!

The fact that all these places are completely free to visit does not in any way make them inferior – some of the most popular visitor attractions in Ireland are on this list.

If you are traveling to Ireland on a tight budget, this is definitely a page you need to print out and take with you.

Luxury Ireland

10 Outstanding Luxury Hotels in Ireland

These are hotels that will make you feel pampered and special and lucky in locations you are quite likely to visit on a tour of Ireland.

Naturally they all have the great accommodation, service and facilities but they also have that extra ‘something’ that makes a good hotel a truly great one.

James Joyce Statue

A Walk around James Joyce’s Dublin

This walk takes you on a stroll around Dublin to places associated with James Joyce or with characters from his books or short stories.

Although it’s primarily aimed at Joyce fans, those walking with them will not be bored as it includes some of the most interesting places to visit in Dublin along its route.

A really great Irish vacation video – I love it!

A wonderful video of the three weeks a Canadian couple spent visiting Ireland. A must see for anyone planning a trip, for anyone who lives in Ireland or really for anyone who has any interest in Ireland at all.