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If your idea of a good halloween is to be scared – and I mean really, really scared out of your wits – then this is the event for you.

Taking place at a farm near Navan in Co Meath, it promises you a frightful evening of screams and laughter, eerie corners, blood-curdling frights, ghoulish entertainers, heart-pounding, adrenalin pumping, life-threatening fear… your worst nightmares come true! The terror lasts for about an hour and  half – recovery could take some time longer.

To be honest even visiting the website is quite scary, so I have no doubt the event will deliver as promised.

This is definitely NOT an event for young children. The ‘experience’ runs early on some days, when a (slightly) less scary version may be suitable for teenagers, but even then the organisers say that under 16s should be accompanied by an adult. Events after 8.30pm are adult only and those with a heart condition or any similar illness are warned against attending.

Farmaphobia Location and Map


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