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How to Beat the Weather in Ireland!

Rainy day in Cashel, by Irish Typepad

Rainy day in Cashel, by Irish Typepad

Nobody, or at least nobody sane, comes on vacation to Ireland to sunbathe!

On the other hand the climate is generally mild and you are unlikely to experience extreme weather conditions. In Ireland the weather is a favourite topic of conversation and is often, quite accurately, described as ‘changeable’.

It is quite possible that a day that dawns wet and cloudy will end in bright sunshine and vice versa.

The price we pay for our lush green countryside is this propensity for sudden, short showers even on the sunniest days. The distinctive light that many visitors, especially photographers, love is down to the amount of moisture in the air.

Expect the Unexpected

The change can be very rapid as the pictures below, taken near the Burren in Co Clare, show. Both were taken on the 2nd of April 2004, the first at 2.45pm, the second just 40 minutes later – and no, it’s not a black and white photograph!

Tips for Beating the Irish Weather

These guidelines will help you to deal with whatever the weather in Ireland throws at you!

  • No matter what time of year you travel bring rainwear (light in summer, more substantial in winter) and at least one warm sweater.
  • Follow the example of the Irish and wear layers of clothing that you can remove if it becomes warmer or put on if the temperature drops.
  • If you visit Ireland in summer bring plenty of T-shirts and light clothing – it is usually warm for a few days at a time, honestly!
  • Remember to take sturdy waterproof shoes. In many scenic locations the grass can be wet even on bright days with typically heavy morning dews.
  • Bring an umbrella by all means, but make it a sturdy one – showers are often accompanied by blustery winds which can play havoc with light umbrellas.
  • Never, ever, make the mistake of thinking it’s safe to leave your waterproofs behind in your hotel – the weather can change very quickly.
  • If you are bringing children on your trip it is especially important to have some activities planned that can be continued with if the weather makes touring impossible. Adults can struggle on through the rain, children are less sanguine about it!

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