Photographing Ireland

These articles are written by Gail Bjork, a long-time, amateur photo enthusiast. She is the creator and editor of Digicamhelp, a website devoted to helping those new to digital photography.


Taking Photos in Ireland

Guest author Gail Bjork, a keen photographer who has visited Ireland several times, shared her tips for getting the best possible photos while in Ireland.

This introduction takes a quick look at the myriad of photo opportunities that await you.

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Getting gear ready for the trip…and the Irish weather!

While the changeable weather conditions in Ireland means great light and interesting pictures, it also means you need to be prepared for what the weather may throw at your camera.

Taking a few simple steps and planning in advance will prevent the weather from interfering with your photography.

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Taking Photos in Overcast & Rainy Conditions

Rain can come suddenly in Ireland, but it is not always a bad thing. Storm clouds, mist and light rain can add lovely, atmospheric elements in a photo.

However you may need to adjust exposure, focus and white balance to take account of quickly changing light.

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Taking photos on a clear, bright day

In spite of what you may hear, it is not always raining in Ireland – you need to be ready for the says when the sun shines and the light is clear and bright.

In this article Gail looks at some of the automatic or scene modes that can be useful when the weather is good.

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Taking photos inside castles, cathedrals and museums

You may not always be allowed to take photos indoors, and even when you are you won’t always be permitted to use flash.

You’ll then have to rely on available light, use slower shutter speeds, higher sensitivity (ISO) and keep your camera very steady when shooting.

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Photo Opportunities

If there is one thing you will not be short of in Ireland it is photo opportunities. You’ll return with not just pictures but a story to tell about each one.

Gail wraps up this series with a glossary and some useful links for photographers planning a trip to Ireland.

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