History of Irish Food

History of Irish Food

The food people ate in the past in Ireland has always been closely interwoven with other aspects of our history, particularly so because for a …

Food in Early Ireland

In early Ireland everyone ate more or less the same food, initially whatever they could hunt or forage, later grains and other farmed crops.

Food in Ireland 1600 – 1835

When the potato arrived in Ireland it seemed like a godsend, easily grown and nutritious enough to sustain whole families on little else.

The Irish Potato Famine 1846-1850

With a growing population locked in poverty and almost entirely dependent on the potato for sustenance, Ireland was by the mid 19th century something …

Food in Ireland after the Famine

Recovery from the famine was slow, and it was 100 years before the Irish began to take an interest in food other than for sustenance.

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