Touring Ireland

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Hostel Accommodation in Ireland

The quality of hostel accommodation in Ireland has risen considerably in recent years and they are now a good budget option, and not only for young back packers.

In addition to ultra cheap dormitory accommodation, most now offer en suite bedrooms for those who want value but don’t want to rough it too much.

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Explore Yeats Country

WB Yeats is one of the most romantic poets ever and this is his ancestral home, a place he dearly loved and where he is buried.

Add lovely unspoiled countryside, good places to stay and eat and not too many tourists and it’s the perfect recipe for a romantic getaway.

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Waterford Crystal Glasses

Irish Crystal and Glass

Irish crystal is renowned for its quality and clarity as well as its beautiful design, and modern styles are now joining the traditional ones we all know.

Crystal is expensive, but its special and will last a long, long time so choosing what to buy and where to buy it is important.

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Cutting Crystal

The Story of Irish Crystal

Crystal has been made in Ireland since the late 1700s, when the development of lead crystal made it possible to shape and cut glass as never before.

This is a look not just at the history of glass making in Ireland but at the story of how each individual piece of glass is painstakingly made by hand.

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Contemporary Irish Glass

It would be wrong to think Irish glass ends with crystal, there are many talented glass makers working in more contemporary styles.

Many produce one-off pieces that are pieces of art, astonishing in their beauty. Others are making modern styles of home ware that have a unique style.

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Find Bargain Hotel Accommodation in Ireland

Ireland has built too many hotels and visitor numbers are likely to drop – that’s bad news for the industry but it’s good news for you.

There are bargains to be had for those willing to shop around. This quick guide to the Irish hotel market will prepare you for the hunt.

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B&B Accommodation in Ireland

Bed and breakfast accommodation is a popular choice for visitors to Ireland and since you will stay in private homes choosing to stay in a B&B will give you a chance to meet with ordinary Irish people.

Standards vary widely as do the friendliness of your hosts, but in general an Irish B&B is a good value, well furnished and pleasant place to stay.

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Accommodation in Guest Houses in Ireland

Guest houses differ from B&Bs in that they are not generally family homes, and from hotels because they have fewer facilities.

They differ from each other too – some are modern and impersonal albeit providing good accommodation, others rival the best hotels for comfort and can be very special places to stay.

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Accommodation in Town and Country Houses in Ireland

These accommodations are in some of Ireland oldest and loveliest houses, many of which have been owned by the families who live in them for hundreds of years.

While staying in such places can be a unique experience, it won’t necessarily suit those who insist on having hotel style facilities and services.

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Tax free shopping in Ireland

Tax Free Shopping in Ireland

Visitors to Ireland from non-EU countries can claim back the VAT (or sales tax) they spend on certain goods in Ireland.

However knowing how to do so and ensuring you have all the necessary documentation requires a little bit of homework – but with VAT rates as high as 21%, this is homework well worth doing.

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Self-Catering Accommodation in Ireland

Renting a house or cottage, or an apartment in a city, is a good option if you are planning to stay in the same part of Ireland for a week or more.

If you are on a tight budget it’s also worth considering other self catering options, like caravan rental or even staying in a tent.

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Claddagh Coupling by Athenas Pix

The Claddagh Ring

Used as a token of love and friendship this traditional Galway ring can be worn in several different ways to signify the status of the wearer – married/attached or free and looking?!

There are many stories about its origin, some fanciful though even the most likely contender is a tale of adventure and romance.

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