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  • News, views, random thoughts and trivia that just might be of interest to people planning a trip to Ireland.

    A really great Irish vacation video – I love it!

    A wonderful video of the three weeks a Canadian couple spent visiting Ireland. A must see for anyone planning a trip, for anyone who lives in Ireland or really for anyone who has any interest in Ireland at all.

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    Apologies & Changes

    For a long time I’ve been really guilty about the Ask About Ireland section of this site. The basic problem is I’ve been ignoring it, not because I don’t want to retain it, but because I simply don’t have time to answer the questions that are posted.

    I know this must be frustrating for those who take the time to post a question, and I regret that and apologise if you are one of those people.

    I’ve recently had a few not very friendly emails from people expressing their frustration at a question not being promptly answered. It’s clear from these emails that some people believe the site is an arm of some official  tourist organisation or at least has a paid army of people available who are inexplicably not doing their job well. But it isn’t, it’s just my own little side project and I’m just one person. The time I can spend on it – given my need to, you know, earn a living – is very limited.

    So, I am going to start leaving this section to sort of fend for itself when I can’t give the time to answers. I’ll post questions with a less stringent moderating process (or at least see how that goes), and tweet them when they are asked, in the hope that those who have time when I don’t will pop in and answer. We’ll see how it goes.

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    Ireland is Free on Wednesdays!

    Until the end of 2011 there is free entrance to all historic buildings, monuments and other sites in Ireland that are in the care of the OPW.

    The list includes well known places like Kilmainham Goal, Brú na Boinne and Dublin Castle, and heritage sites in every county in Ireland. Get out and enjoy!

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    Free listings for events in Ireland

    Psst – want free publicity for your event?

    All event and festival organisers work with limited budgets, so you’d think that they would be keen to take advantage of any free publicity they can get. So why does it sometimes seem like they want to run their events in stealth mode?

    Here are 10 suggestions for simple things you can do to make sure that your festival or event gets all the free exposure going.

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    What the heck my wife just died, by Infomatique

    The streets of Dublin

    An Irish photographer is embarked on a project to record the streets of Dublin city, their buildings and the people who use them. There are now more than 28,000 images in the collection, and it’s growing by the day.

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    How to escape your teenagers

    Family holidays change a bit as kids get older. Not all teenagers are overcome with joy by the thought of 2 weeks touring with their parents. Truth be told not all parents are over the moon about it either. But there is a solution that will keep everyone happy.

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    Obama mania in Moneygall

    O’Bama and other Irish presidents

    Many US presidents have had connections to Ireland, from Andrew Jackson in the early 18th century right up to Barack Obama. But none of them is Irish man with the closest connection to the presidency.

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    Photo by by azizul hadi

    7 Reasons why the recession is a good thing

    Yes, Ireland is broke. Yes, there is a flood of bad and depressing economic news. But there is an upside, and there are good reasons why visiting during a recession is not a bad plan.

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    Twelve Things to do in Ireland

    This list is not about famous places, just suggestions for some things to do in Ireland that will make for memorable experiences or that you can’t really do anywhere else.

    None are specific to any location or region, you should manage to do most of them in any typical trip around Ireland. Enjoy!

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    Bewleys Ballsbridge, by infomatique

    Bad News is Good News

    The Irish newspapers are full of doom and gloom about the tourism industry today.

    The number of visitors to Ireland fell in 2008 for the first time in 7 years, with three quarters of hotels reporting that business was down.The trend was the same in B&Bs and in hostels. 2009 is expected to be even worse.

    Well, that may be bad news for them, but it’s good news for anyone planning a trip to Ireland. Go search for those bargains, they should not be hard to find.

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    Bring back Little Christmas!

    Today is the Feast of the Epiphany, so Christmas is officially over and it’s the day traditionally known as Little Christmas or Women’s Christmas in Ireland.

    Tradition dictates that on this day the women of the house get to put her feet up and relax while the men run the show for a day. You hear little about it these days, except the odd passing mention of the old tradition by someone or other on the radio.

    Today I took down the Christmas tree, cleaned up all the pine needles from the carpet, packed and stored the decorations and lights, brought the tree to the recycling place, returned furniture to it’s pre-Chistmas postions. I also hoovered the house and generally tidied up. I went to the supermarket, got some laundry done, cleaned the fish tank, made the dinner and cleared up after it.

    In between all this I did a full day at the office.

    Bring back Little Christmas!!

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    The future of the Irish B&B

    The B&B seems like such a perfect place to stay: it’s relatively cheap, you’re staying in a family home, getting to meet with Irish people and it’s much more personal than a hotel, right?

    Well, no, not always. Stays in B&Bs are down and continuing to drop, and it isn’t all because of the difficult financial time we live in.

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