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On January 14, 2009 Jessica Buffin asked:

What is the tradition of a wedding ceremonies in Ireland. Do you have a certain way of doing marriages. And what age do you have to be able to drink alcohol. Thank you very much.


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  1. Katherine has a great page all about Irish weddings here.

    If you are Irish and getting married in Ireland you usually have a religious ceremony in a church.  
    If you are from outside Ireland and wish to get married then you’ll need to read the information Katherine has put on that link I posted. 
    If you are just interested in some Irish traditions, well, hopefully Katherine will have a few for you.  Or you can try a few books: this one or this one

    Or web sites:

    Hope this helps get you started!

    Safe travels,


    You must be 18 to be served alcohol in Ireland.

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