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Irish Surnames E-G

A list of Irish surnames beginning with the letters E and G

Name Variants In Irish Location Origin
Egan Keegan, MacEgan Ó Aodhagáin Tipperary, Kilkenny, Offaly Gaelic
Means "son of Aodh or Hugh"
Fagan O’Hagan, Fegan, O’Hogan Ó Faodhagain Dublin, Kerry Gaelic
Means "little Hugh".
Fahy Fahey, Faghy, Green Ó Fathaigh Widespread, Galway, Tipperary Gaelic
Means "field green"
Fallon Falloon Ó Fallamhain Cork, Donegal, Galway, Kerry, Wexford Gaelic
Means "ruler"
Farrell More O’Ferrall. More, O’Ferrall     Gaelic
From fear ghal meaning "brave man"
FitzGerald Desmond, Gerald Mac Gearailt   Norman
fitz means "son". The Earls of Desmond were FitzGeralds. The family originated in Italy, near Florence.
Fitzpatrick Kilpatrick, MacGillapatrick MacGiolla Padraig Widespread, Laois Gaelic
Means "servant of St. Patrick", and unlike other ‘Fitz’ surnames is Irish, not Norman.
Flanagan O’Flannagan Ó Flannagain, Fermanagh, Offaly, Roscommon. Gaelic
Means "red".
Flynn O’Flynn, Flinn, O’Loinn, O’Lynn Ó Floinn Antrim, Cork, Roscommon. Gaelic
Means "red or ruddy", same derivation as Flanaghan.
Fogarty   Ó Fogartaigh Tipperary Gaelic
Means "exiled or banished".
Foley   Ó Foghladha Munster, Waterford. Gaelic
Means "plunderer".
Friel   Ó Frighil Donegal, Ulster Gaelic
From fear ghal meaning "brave man", same derivation as Farrell
Gaffney Caulfield Ó Gamhna Coonaught Gaelic
Means "calf".
Gallagher   Ó Gallchobhair. Donegal Gaelic
Means "foreign help"
Galvin, Gallivan       Gaelic
Ó Gealbháin, "bright white". Kerry, Roscommon.
Garvey       Gaelic
O Gairbith or Mac Gairbhith, "rough peace". Armagh, Donegal, Down, Kilkenny.
Geraghty Garrity, Gerity, Gerritty & many similar. Ó Oireachtaigh Galway, Roscommon Gaelic
Means "court or assembly"
Gilday Gildea Mac Giolla Dhé Clare Gaelic
Means "the son of the follower of God."
Griffin (1)   Ó Gríobhtha, Ó Gríofa Kerry, Clare Gaelic
Gaelic version is derived from a nickname which meant "Brave Warrior". Most Clare Griffons descend from Angus, Son of Dal a 4th century chieftain.
Griffin (2) Griffith, Griffiths, Griffis Ó Gríobhtha, Ó Gríofa Widespread but not common Norman
Welsh-Norman planters who changed their name to Griffin after arriving in Ireland
Guinness McGennis, MacGinnis, Magennis, McGuiness, MacGuinness, MacInnis MacAonghusa Widespread Gaelic
Means "son of Aonghus" a 5th century. chief of Dal Araidhe.

What Others Say

  1. Jason Ray Mar 13, 2011 at 10:43 pm


    Here is some info on the Irish surname Ray,in case it is not already mentioned.


    Gaelic = Ó Riabhaigh

    Meaning = descendant of the Riabhach.The Gaelic word “riabhach” means striped,streaked,grey or brindled.

    Is Mise le meas,

    Séasán Ó Riabhaigh
    (Jason Ray)

  2. SEAN May 16, 2011 at 7:39 am


    Fee numerous: Ulster, particulary Tyrone. Also in Louth, Longford, Leitrim. Ir. Ó Fiaich, from fiach, a raven – but a common personal name. An erenagh family of Fermanagh. The name occurs as Foy and even Hunt by mistranslation.

    MacFee rare: Down etc. Ir. Mac Dhuibhshíth. See Mahaffy.

    MacPhee Very rare: Belfast. Ir. Mac Dhuibhshíth, “dark man of peace” or, perhaps, “dark fairy”. A Scots clan of Colonsay, some of whom settled in Antrim 16 cent. See also Mahaffy. SGG.

    O’Fee rare: Ulster. Ir. Ó Fiaich, perhaps from first name Fiach, raven.

  3. Bob Jan 8, 2013 at 2:33 pm

    The surname Ó Oireachtaigh, is always found as MagOireachtaigh which means  “of the assembly or committie. I have never came across the O’ version in old manuscripts? The Mag is just Mac ‘son of’ but because of Mac  in the Irish language preceeding a vowel the C becomes a G.

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