Fishing Licenses & Laws

Tackle shop by psd

Tackle shop by psd

A License is required for Salmon Fishing in Ireland. These can be bought in local tackle shops or pre-purchased online.

You do not need a license to fish for trout, coarse species or in the sea.

Bear in mind that salmon and trout fisheries are almost invariable the property of landowners or clubs, or have privately held fishing rights, and you will require permission from whoever owns the rights to fish – this is not covered when you purchase a license.

Enquire locally about permits for private or club fisheries.

Observing the Law

This isn’t a complete rehashing of laws, national and local, hat apply when fishing in Ireland, but it pulls out the main points that visitors should be aware of.

These regulations exist to preserve good fishing and good fishing conditions and are enforced – so listen up there at the back!

  • All salmon (and sea trout over 40cm) kept must be tagged, and a logbook filled out accordingly.
  • It is prohibited to keep or kill any sea trout in Connemara or the Ballinakill district.
  • It is prohibited keep more than one salmon or one sea trout over 40cm per day before June 1. Any additional fish must be released immediately.
  • It is prohibited sell rod caught salmon or sea trout over 40cm between January 1st and October 31st.
  • On some waters fly-only regulations or other method restrictions may be in place. Check locally.
  • A person may NOT fish freshwater with more than two rods at any time
  • The only legal way to catch freshwater fish is with rod and line
  • Bass is a protected species. Two fish per angler per day may be kept, fish under 40cm may not be kept. It is prohibited to fish for bass from the14 May to the 14 June, their spawning season.

Due to risk of accidental transmission of infectious diseases, it is strongly recommended that visitors use local sources for bait. If you must bring your own ensure they are packed free of soil or vegetable material, the importation of which is strictly prohibited by law.

Article updated: March 31, 2017 | Image Credits

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  • William Browne says:

    Do I need a licence to spearfish where salt water meets fresh ?
    If so where is the specific law ?
    Regards from someone that does respect all fish species and waters.

  • nono says:

    hi, i own a 14 feet boat, could i go fishing with a rod in the sea between courtown harbour and wexford or will i need a licence? thanks

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