Driving a rental car in Ireland

Car rental is quite expensive in Ireland as a rule, finding bargains is a challenge. It is invariably cheaper to book before you travel to Ireland, last minute car hire at the airport is exorbitantly expensive.

If you are spending time in Dublin, do not rent a car for this period of time. Driving in Dublin is hell, parking is scarce and expensive, car theft is not uncommon and it would really be cheaper and more pleasant to use public transport or taxis.

Main image: Driving a rental car in Ireland by Erin

DoChara Special Deal at Dan Dooley Car Hire

This is the largest Irish car hire company and one we highly recommend. They offer a much more personal service than the big multinationals, have good cars and rates that are extremely competitive on price.

You’ll get a 5% discount on Dan Dooley’s  already competitive rates when you enter the promotion code ‘dochara’ when booking on their site (or tell them we sent you when you call).

Dan Dooley Car Hire Website >>

Other Car hire Bargains in Ireland

The following are companies where we are aware that discounts are available  for car hire in Ireland, with coupon or codes as we get to know of them.

Do try more than one option, and if possible more than once, since discount rates change often.

National Car Rental

Member’s of National’s Emerald Club will get discounts or upgrades and it may be worth your while joining before you travel.

Many airline’s frequent flyer programmes provide contract IDs – ask if you are a member of one.

These codes have resulted in savings of between $50 and $150 on weekly car hire, but you will have to experiment to see which if any work best for you.

  • Contract ID: 5000304 or 5504966 (Walmart Customers, ie anyone!)
  • Product Rate Codes: WWEB or DWEB or EWEB Enter if booking online – sometimes help.
  • Coupon IDs Available for MasterCard or Visa holders. They don’t always work in Ireland for online reservations, you may get the discount by calling National.

You can combine contract IDs, rate codes and coupon IDs, this sometimes results in better savings.

National Car Rental’s Website >>


Hertz have discount arrangements with many organisations and businesses and these are often the best ways to get discounts.

  • The best available rates often those for AAA members. If you are a member look for a code or call Hertz and ask for this rate.
  • Take a look at their Affordable Europe Package. This is good if you need to book cars in more than one European country.
  • Costco and BJ’s Wholesale Club offer discounts to their members
  • Book through the AARP for good discounts

Visit the Hertz Website >>

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  1. Dan Dooley Car Rental,
    We are travelling to Ireland and used your recommendation for car rental i.e. Dan Dooley.  However, when we input your discount code, “dochara”, we received a 5% discount, not the 10% discount you advertise.  Are you aware of this?  Has your deal with Dan Dolley Car Rental changed or expired?

  2. The Dan Dooley discount is great! thanks.

  3. I put in the promo code for Dan Dooley, then cleared my cookies and put in the same dates without the code.  All the code did was drive up the cost then show a discount.  It was still higher then just a 1st time visitor to the site!  I like Dan Dooley and have used them before as a visitor from the USA.  Try the latter method.

  4. will be looking for a rental after we arrive in Cork from Dublin by train.  Will drive to Killarney for two days.  Will it be better to reserve? Can you only pick up rental cars at the airports?

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