Banks of the Foyle Hallowe’en Carnival

Thu Oct 27th - Fri Nov 4th 2022 (Provisional)

Derry claims to host Europe’s biggest and best Hallowe’en festival, and it is certainly an action packed weekend …

Hallow’en Horror at Wicklow Goal

Fri Oct 21st - Sun Nov 6th 2022 (Provisional)

Famously haunted, Wickow Gaol will be a place of untold horror this Hallow'een with a series of spooky events for …

Guinness Kinsale Jazz Fringe Festival

Fri Oct 21st - Sat Oct 29th 2022 (Provisional)

An offshoot of the Cork Jazz Festival this event has a slightly less frenetic pace than the larger festival but there is …

Halfway Dead: Haunted House at Tooban

Wed Oct 19th - Thu Nov 3rd 2022 (Provisional)

The tiny peaceful village of Tooban will be home for Halloween to a scary band of vampires, mutants, zombies and walking …

Ghostly Tours of Hook Lighthouse

Sun Sep 11th - Fri Oct 7th 2022 (Provisional)

Venture in darkness into a lighthouse where ghosts and ghouls await and there are frights around every dark corner.