Castle Palooza 2021

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Castle Palooza is an independent music festival, held at an impressive location in the grounds of Charleville House, a 17th century castle.

Billing itself as a ‘Boutique Festival’ –  tickets are limited to just 1500 – those attending have access to the inside of the castle and the small numbers make for a very friendly event.

Although the main focus is on the music, in previous year other events have included art exhibitions, fortune tellers, games, a cocktail bar, a comedy club, a circus workshop and burlesque shows. Workshops from dance to drumming are available .

A day spa offers a range of treatments to keep festival goers in good order over the weekend and very good food (as in nothing at all like normal festival food) is available on site.

Here’s a taster of what this festival is all about:

Date and details for 2021 subject to confirmation.

Location Map for Castle Palooza

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