Halfway Dead: Haunted House at Tooban 2024

For information about exact dates and arrangements for this event during the COVID 19 restrictions please visit the website.

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One woman who attended this event said:

It was scarrifying! Seriously, it was worse than labour.

So don’t say you were not warned!

You’ll find yourself lost in a maze of corridors and rooms full of evil and madness. Corpses will come to life, there will be vampires and mutants and zombies and thats just the beginning.

It all takes place in a pub in the tiny village of Tooban, and I don’t know whether it’s a portant of scary things ahead, but when I last looked at it using Google street view in the map below on Hallowe’en night there was nothing but…. deep, black darkness.

At least being a pub you can rely on there being something available to steady your nerves afterwards!

Date and details for 2024 subject to confirmation.

Information and Location Map for the Haunted House at Tooban

The terror runs from 7:00 pm to11:00 pm, but be aware that the event is not on every night and is NOT suitable for children, though there is a special far, far less scary event for kids earlier in the day. Prior booking is recommended.

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