The Turf Warrior Challenge 2023

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If the picture above makes you say “Wow, that looks like fun!” read on. If it makes you think someone should get these poor guys out of there now, run them nice hot baths and get them some tea, then this may not be the event for you.

Those taking part will traverse a 10km course in cold wet November, swinging, jumping and climbing through forests, bogs and rivers, starting with a 5km run/jog to lull them into a false sense of security warm everyone up and spread people out a little.

Then it’s into the main challenge, crossing energy sapping obstacles, taking terrifying cliff jumps, wading through bog, climbing through, under and over trees, climbing ropes, jumping off obstacles and plunging into the icy waters of Killary Fjord.

The Turf Warrior challenge takes place on the banks of Killary Fjord, so for those watching it will be in glorious surroundings. Whether those taking part will fully appreciate the scenic beauty of the location is another matter.

Call me a lazy couch potato, but when I think about this and imagine it all on the side of a mountain in November, I just want to light a fire and curl up with a good book. But if you are more intrepid than me (and almost everyone is) then really, this will be a fun day with friendly people in a lovely place.

Those who survive can ease their pain at an after party – judging by the photographs from previous events this really will be a terrific way to round off the day.

Date and details for 2023 subject to confirmation.

Event Information and Location Map

The Turf Warrior Challenge is organised by Gael Force Events, who have an excellent track record in organising outdoor events such as this. All aspects of safety and welfare are well covered and although it is a challenging event no special skills are required – though a good level of fitness would be a great help.

While it is a race and a competitive event, for many of those taking part the challenge is simply to finish the course, and that is indeed an achievement.

The event is based at the Killary Adventure Centre in Leenane, Co Galway,  marked on the map below. Click the marker for driving directions.

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