Wexford Fringe Festival 2024

For information about exact dates and arrangements for this event during the COVID 19 restrictions please visit the website.

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For almost 60 years the Wexford Fringe Festival, has run concurrently with Wexford Festival Opera, with a huge range of events aimed at both those who are in the town for the opera and those who have no interest in opera at all.

Events range from drama productions, historical tours, classical recitals, jazz, musicals and light opera to antique and second hand book fairs, and takes in sporting events like the Open Festival Golf Cup and Wexford Races, as well as  a huge number of  art and photography exhibitions.

Always popular is the Singing & Swinging Pubs contest, where the towns many pubs and bars complete to provide the best entertainment, which means that practically every bar in town has nightly entertainment from local singers, musicians and comedians…and occasionally even a visiting opera singer!

Date and details for 2024 subject to confirmation.

Wexford Fringe Festival 2023

20 Oct–1 Nov 2020   2020 programme inspired by William Shakespeare   70 Events over 13 consecutive days including   Ein Wintermärchen (A Winter’s Tale)...

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GREAT FUN AT THIS YEAR’S FESTIVE WINDOWS COMPETITION Wexford Credit Union was a hive of anticipation last Friday 20th October as Wexford’s retailers attended en...

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 Event and Location Information for Wexford Fringe

The programme is vast, and no matter what day or days you show up in Wexford there will be lots to see and do. There is more information at the Festival website.

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