Banks & Banking in Ireland

Banking Hours

Banks in Ireland are generally open from 9.00am to 4.00pm Mon-Fri, though some remain open until 5.00pm. All are closed at weekends. Some close for lunch between 12.30pm and 1.30pm.

Currency Exchange

While banks are probably the best and most economical places to exchange currency, there are many Bureaux de Change where you can exchange smaller amounts outside of banking hours, though they do tend to be quite a bit more expensive. Larger hotels will also exchange currency, again at well above the bank rate.


ATM, Dublin, by joyepurser

ATM, Dublin, by joyepurser

All major Irish bank branches have Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) which accept each others cards, as well as credit cards and foreign bank cards with the Cirrus or Plus symbols on them.

The ATM will have the same symbols as that on your card displayed if it accepts the card.

Increasingly ATM machines are found in petrol stations and shops also.

Be aware that at busy weekends, and most especially in towns or locations where there is a festival or other special event taking place, ATMs can run out of cash. It is a good idea to make sure you have sufficient early in the day.

As everywhere, be careful when you use an ATM – if there are people hanging about that you don’t like the look of, or the machine seems out of the ordinary in any way, move on and find an alternative one. No point in taking risks.

Western Union

All larger towns have a Post Office which acts as the local office for Western Union. Post offices are open from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday, some close for an hour at lunch time.

Major Irish Banks

AIB (Allied Irish Banks) Bankcentre, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, Ireland. Tel: 353 (0) 1 660 0311

Bank of Ireland Lower Baggot St, Dublin 2, Ireland Tel: 353 (0) 1 661 5933

National Irish Bank 3rd Floor, International House, 3 Harbourmaster Place, I.F.S.C. Dublin, Ireland Tel: 353 (0) 1 638 5000

PermanentTSB 56/59 St. Stephens Green, Dublin 2, Ireland Tel: 353 (0) 1 212 4101

Ulster Bank Ulster Bank Group Centre, George’s Quay, Dublin 2. Tel: 353 (0) 1 608 4000

Irish Branches of Foreign Banks

Loads of foreign banks have currency or investment departments in Ireland. These have been omitted, the ones listed should be able to assist ordinary mortals who are customers in their home country. It’s not a long list – we are trying to find more.

Bank of America (American) Harcourt Building, Harcourt Street, Dublin 2. Tel: 353 (0) 1 407 2100

BNP Paribas (French) 5 George’s Dock, IFSC, Dublin 1 Tel: 353 (0) 1 612 5000

Published: December 16, 2008 | Updated: March 31, 2017

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  • Mike says:

    According to BOA Customer Services, they are no longer issuing debit cards with any logo other than their own on the back. They claim they have an “alliance” with Allied Irish Banks, Bank of Ireland, and five other  banks there, so that their card is recognized throughout Ireland.

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