Taking Photos in Ireland

Author: Gail Bjork

“Taking Photographs in Ireland” is a series of articles which offer shooting tips for amateur digital camera users travelling to Ireland. Much of the information is also applicable to those who use film.

The articles assume readers have a basic understanding of point-and-shoot and intermediate digital camera settings and exposure modes. There is a glossary at the end of the article.

Photographing Ireland

There is something extra ordinarily enchanting about taking photos in Ireland. I couldn’t quite articulate why until I read a saying in a photography magazine: “Every place in Ireland has a story…and a photo taking opportunity.

That was it!

Not only is Ireland a magical place to photograph, but everywhere you travel you’ll find people with a passion for sharing the culture, history and folklore of their country. During two trips to Ireland, I was lucky to have an Irish friend take me around and even luckier that she put up with frequent requests to stop whatever we were doing so I could take photos.

As we drove along the Ring of Kerry with its dramatic mountain and coastal scenery, or near the rocky land of the Burren, there was a story…and a photo taking opportunity.

As we walked through cheerfully painted villages or strolled about majestic, centuries-old castles and cathedrals, there was a story…and a photo taking opportunity.

The bogs, the lakes, the cliffs, the lush green pastureland; the ruins, the dolmens; everywhere you turned there were stories…and photo taking opportunities, which you, too, will want to photograph!

Photos by Gail Bjork © 2003-2009 All rights reserved. No photo may be used without prior permission.

Published: December 30, 2008 | Updated: March 31, 2017

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    I think the best pictures are take early more or at sunset. The sun setting is beautiful and with so many quiet beaches in ireland offer a great pic. Also taking picture of a lake or river with a reflection is good. 
    The Slea head drive in Kerry is a great drive for photographers. 

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