Useful Information for visitors to Ireland

Save on Car Rental in Ireland

Where, when and how to get the best value when you book car rental for your Irish holiday.

Irish Road Signs & Traffic Signals

Many Irish road signs - such as the STOP sign - will be familiar, but there are others which are not so readily identified and you need to know about.

Irish Crystal and Glass

Irish crystal is renowned for its quality and clarity as well as its beautiful design, and modern styles are now joining the traditional ones we all know.

The Story of Irish Crystal

Crystal has been made in Ireland since the late 1700s, when the development of lead crystal made it possible to shape and cut glass as never before.

Contemporary Irish Glass

It would be wrong to think Irish glass ends with crystal, there are many talented glass makers working in more contemporary styles.

Taking Photos in Ireland

Guest author Gail Bjork, a keen photographer who has visited Ireland several times, shared her tips for getting the best possible photos while in Ireland.

The Claddagh Ring

Used as a token of love and friendship this traditional Galway ring can be worn in several different ways to signify the status of the wearer - …

Choosing a Tour Operator

Picking the right tour company to organise your trip to Ireland is the first major decision you take when planning your vacation - and possibly the …

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Train Travel in Ireland

Using the rail network can be a good way to tour Ireland, though it has limitations and will almost certainly need to be combined with bus travel.

Irish Lace

Irish lace, modern or antique, is hard to find and expensive, as the tradition of lace making has declined considerably from it's peak in the late 1900s.

Buying Irish Cream

Reviews of the top selling Irish Cream Liqueurs, including Bailey's, Carolan's, O'Mara's, Ashourne and Bushmill's, as well as a few private labeled ones.

Getting Married in Ireland

Changes in the law have made it easier for couple not resident in Ireland to have their wedding here, provided the requirements are carefully observed.

Irish Cream Recipes

If you don't want to buy Irish Cream or can't find the perfect one, the good news is that it's quite simple to make.

Irish Rail and Bus Saver Cards

There are a number of discount cards for travel on bus and train in Ireland and Northern Ireland, but whether or not these will save you money depends …

Staying Safe in Ireland

While Ireland is a safe country to visit and most tourists have no problems, it isn't crime free and there are always those on the lookout for the unwary.

When to Visit Ireland

When planning visit Ireland you need to take account of the weather, but since nobody comes here for sunshine there are more important things to consider.