Climate & Weather

While nobody visits Ireland for a sunshine holiday, it does not rain all the time! These articles will help visitors to prepare for whatever weather they are likely to experience at the time of year they will be in Ireland. The quick summary would probably be: Prepare for anything, because the Irish weather can throw anything at you.

When to Visit Ireland

When planning visit Ireland you need to take account of the weather, but since nobody comes here for sunshine there are more important things to consider.

How to Beat the Weather in Ireland!

Irish weather is notoriously changeable, but if you are prepared will not prevent you from having a good time.

Irish Weather through the Year

Irish weather changes through the seasons and while there are few extremes knowing about seasonal variations can help you pick the best time to visit.

Regional Climate Variation in Ireland

Climate variation by region is not extreme, but some parts of the country definitely get more sun - and some get more rain.

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The Weather in Ireland Now