Useful Information for visitors to Ireland

Packing for Ireland

It's tempting to bring nothing but waterproof gear when packing for a trip to Ireland, but the sun does shine sometimes - honestly.

Electricity in Ireland

The electricity supply in Ireland may require visitors to use plug adapters, power converters or power transformers to cope with both different …

About the Euro

Since the introduction of the Euro, Ireland has shared a currency with many other European countries.

Money and Banking in Northern Ireland

The currency of Northern Ireland is sterling, and although some stores close to the border will accept Euro, realistically you'll need to have …

Banks & Banking in Ireland

We've info here on bank opening hours in Ireland, where to exchange currency, using ATMs and other useful banking information for planning travel in Ireland.

What Your Money Buys in Ireland

There is no escaping it, Ireland is an expensive country, it's an expensive place to live and an expensive place to take a vacation.

Driving Safely in Ireland

Driving on the left may seem like the major obstacle to overcome in Ireland, but there are other hazards you need to be alert to also.

Rules of the Road in Ireland

Tourists are not exempt from compliance with laws relating to driving.

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About Irish Roads

The moterway network in Ireland, though growing, is not as extensive as elsewhere in Europe, and most visitors will eventually end up on narrow …

How to Beat the Weather in Ireland!

Irish weather is notoriously changeable, but if you are prepared will not prevent you from having a good time.

Irish Weather through the Year

Irish weather changes through the seasons and while there are few extremes knowing about seasonal variations can help you pick the best time to visit.

Regional Climate Variation in Ireland

Climate variation by region is not extreme, but some parts of the country definitely get more sun - and some get more rain.

Handling Payments and Cash While in Ireland

Travelers checks have largely been replaced as a means of carrying money safely in Ireland by credit cards and ATM Cards.

How to Behave in Ireland!

People in Ireland are generally pretty laid back and casual but it is useful for visitors to know how a little about to behave in social situations.

Bear Essentials

Teddy bear paradise in Ireland at this workshop and exhibition space where visitors can see teddy bears being painstakingly created by hand.

Visiting Ireland at Christmas

Because Ireland kind of stops dead over the Christmas period, it may not be the best time to travel.