Preparing for your Trip

Choosing a Tour Operator

Picking the right tour company to organise your trip to Ireland is the first major decision you take when planning your vacation - and possibly the …

Staying Safe in Ireland

While Ireland is a safe country to visit and most tourists have no problems, it isn't crime free and there are always those on the lookout for the unwary.

When to Visit Ireland

When planning visit Ireland you need to take account of the weather, but since nobody comes here for sunshine there are more important things to consider.

Packing for Ireland

It's tempting to bring nothing but waterproof gear when packing for a trip to Ireland, but the sun does shine sometimes - honestly.

Irish Weather through the Year

Irish weather changes through the seasons and while there are few extremes knowing about seasonal variations can help you pick the best time to visit.

Handling Payments and Cash While in Ireland

Travelers checks have largely been replaced as a means of carrying money safely in Ireland by credit cards and ATM Cards.

How to Behave in Ireland!

People in Ireland are generally pretty laid back and casual but it is useful for visitors to know how a little about to behave in social situations.

Visiting Ireland at Christmas

Because Ireland kind of stops dead over the Christmas period, it may not be the best time to travel.

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Emergency Contacts for Visitors to Ireland

When something goes wrong in a foreign country, it's easy to panic.

Foreign Embassies Based in Ireland

You don't go on vacation expecting to need to contact the embassy of your country in Ireland while you are here, but it's a good idea to at least know …