Odd & Unusual

The Wonderful Barn

Built on the original grounds of Castletown House, this amazing and beautifully named building really is wonderful and well worth a post all of its own.

Roadside Shrines and Grottoes

You can't travel far in Ireland without coming across statues by the side of the road in Ireland.


Ogham is an ancient form of writing, which takes the form of linear cuts made in stone.

Holy Wells

Though believed by many Irish Catholics to be associated with saints these wells are actually remnants of pre-Christian Ireland where they are part of …

Rag Trees

The custom of hanging rags from the branches of trees is an ancient one in Ireland, its origin lost in the mists of time.

Stone Walls

The ubiquitous stone walls or fences seen in Ireland are the object of much curiosity from visitors, particularly those built without mortar in the …

Magic Roads

Whether they are illusions or not, find one of these roads and prepare to be amazed as you turn off the engine and your car rolls uphill.

The Síle na Gig

These somewhat strange carvings of women are widely found in Ireland and while in times past people found them horrifying, even disgusting, there is …