Places to Visit in Ireland

St. Nicholas of Myra

Local lore has it that Christopher Columbus prayed in this church, located in Galway city centre, before leaving on the voyage that took him to America.

Trinity College & The Book of Kells

Trinity is one of the oldest universities in the world and one of the most beautiful, with its imposing buildings and leafy grounds in the heart of …

Holy Wells

Though believed by many Irish Catholics to be associated with saints these wells are actually remnants of pre-Christian Ireland where they are part of …

Ceide Fields

Archaeological excavations in Mayo are uncovering new insights into life in Stone Age Ireland, and what they are finding is having an international impact.

Explore Yeats Country

WB Yeats is one of the most romantic poets ever and this is his ancestral home, a place he dearly loved and where he is buried.


The largest of the Aran Islands, Inishmore is famous not just for its rugged beauty but for its rich store of megalithic remains, in particular its …

Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle was the centre of British rule in Ireland for centuries and scene of many contentious events over the years.

Stone Circles

These ancient arrangements of stones, found all over Ireland, date back thousands of years and are believed to have had religious or ceremonial significance.

Achill Island

Although no longer strictly an Island since the construction of a road to the mainland, Achill retains the sense of being a place apart.

Thoor Ballylee

This small tower in a secluded location was once home to the poet William Butler Yeats, who restored it as a home for his family.

Cobh Heritage Centre

This fascinating centre tells the often tragic story of Irish emigration in a most vivid way and also commemorates the departure of the Titanic from …

Galway Cathedral

This modern cathedral, completed in 1965, is to say the least eclectic in design, mixing Romanesque, Gothic and Moorish influences in a way that, …

Belfast Zoo

Perched high on a hill overlooking Belfast, this is a small zoo but a well run one, which is actively participating in breeding programmes for several …

Kilkenny Castle

One of the earliest and most important Norman castles in Ireland sits high on a hill overlooking the river Nore at the heart of the city that grew up …

The National Stud and Japanese Gardens

If Kildare is the home of the horse in Ireland, this is it's headquarters.

Rag Trees

The custom of hanging rags from the branches of trees is an ancient one in Ireland, its origin lost in the mists of time.

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