Places to Visit in Ireland

National Gallery of Ireland

This gallery is home to the National art collection which is an eclectic collection spanning all periods of art from the 14th century on.

The Síle na Gig

These somewhat strange carvings of women are widely found in Ireland and while in times past people found them horrifying, even disgusting, there is …

Dolmens or Portal Tombs

These distinctive structures,created between 3000 BC and 2000 BC mark burial places in a very distinctive way.

Casino Marino

An architectural gem, this folly was built as a garden pavilion for James Caulfield, the 1st Earl of Charlemont, a wealthy landowner with a huge …


Once a vast ecclesiastical city, the monastic settlements of Clonmacnoise were among the most important in Europe, and left us a rich heritage of …

Hook Head Lighthouse

One of the oldest lighthouses in the world, the light from Hook Head has been shining its beacon more or less continuously for over 800 years.

Charles Fort & James Fort

Charles Fort is a massive structure, with walls up to 6m thick and five defensive bastions around its perimeter.

Barryscourt Castle

This is a domestic scale castle, typical of the type a wealthy family would have lived in in Norman Ireland.

Desmond Castle

Built around 1500, and a typical urban tower house of that time, Desmond Castle has had a varied, if not always illustrious, serving variously as a …

The Watergarden, Thomastown

This small garden is managed and staffed by the residents of Camphill, a movement composed of individuals, many with special needs, who live together …

Hell’s Kitchen Railway Museum

The collection here is the work of just one man, pub owner Sean Browne, whose enthusiasm for the history of rail travel in Ireland is immediately.

Irish National Heritage Park

The history of early Ireland is brought vividly to life here, through reconstructed buildings and re-enactments of the life and work of Irish people …

National Museum of Ireland (Archeology & History)

This is the main museum of the four branches that comprise Ireland's National Museum and the primary repository for archaeological objects dating back …

Marble Arch Caves

Marble Arch caves are Ireland largest caves, both in terms of the extent and the sheer hugeness of some of the internal spaces.

Castle Coole

The Castle is not really a castle in the sense that most people understand the term, but a perfect example of an elegant and impressive Neo-Classical …

The Sheelin Lace Museum

This is an important collection and a repository of the many and varied techniques of lace making in Ireland, their origins and history.

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