Ask About Ireland

June 19, 2011

Dublin or Shannon Airports?

We are planning a trip to Ireland next spring, and will be renting a car. Since this is our first trip to Ireland and we will be learning to drive on the left for the first time, we're wondering which airport is least panic inducing for first timers. I've heard Dublin is a "show no fear" airport drive, while Shannon is less so. Our itinerary will be based on our choice of airports. PS: Love this site and will be bringing

June 16, 2011

Claddagh ring with Rose

I rececently bought a claddagh ring, or something similar too it. I know claddagh rings holding a heart stand for Friendship, loyalty, and love. But mine isn't quite normal. Instead of holding a heart with a crown, my claddagh ring holds a rose. I bought it at a small fair, where each ring was different and there was only one of each, so i wasn't sure if it had special meaning. So my question is: What does my ring, holding a

February 5, 2010

B&B on the fly

I'm vacationing in Ireland with my son from 2/20 -2/27. I plan to stay 2 days around Killarney, and 2-3 days in or around Galway. The first and last nights I'll be at a hotel in Dublin. If I don't pre-book my B&B with vouchers, will I have trouble getting a B&B during that time?

April 4, 2009

What's open on bank holidays?

We will be in Counties Clare and Galway over Easter. We land Easter Saturday. Will we have any difficulties on Easter Sunday and Monday finding places to eat and tour? We have vouchers for B&Bs. Is it reasonable to believe we won''t have any difficulty finding a place to stay over this long weekend.

March 29, 2009

Blending In

I plan on visiting Ireland but want to see the non-tourist areas.I will be mostly in the west. I am interested in the history, natural beauty and culture and I don't want to stand out as an American tourist. (until I speak of course!) Any advice??

March 21, 2009

What to read before visiting Ireland?

My wife and I recently decided to fly across the pond and take part in a backpacking trip across Ireland in April. Before I go on any trips, though, I like to pick up a little bit of culture, especially literary. I've been trying to find a couple of books to read in the time between now and my trip. I imagine I'll read something by James Joyce, but I'd like some more suggestions (even as to which Joyce book

March 21, 2009

Time and Distance Dingle to Sligo

HI, We are thinking of leaving Dublin via train to Tralee (4hrs?) renting a car to stay in Dingle 3 nights, drive to Galway 3 nights, see the Connemara and Mayo region between Galway and Sligo 5 nights then back to Dublin. would that give us enough time to see most of what is in the region? thanks

February 9, 2009

Castle – close to Dublin

Hi - My partner and I will be spending some time in Ireland for our honeymoon in Fall '09. We are going to be spending about 8 days on a tour, but are going to be adding on a couple of days to explore Dublin. We would like to spend one night in a castle, ideally within a half hour from Dublin. Any suggestions?

February 7, 2009


just want to check - no adapters required for electrical equipment i am travelling from England.

February 2, 2009

Castle lodging

I have been searching for a castle accomodation for one night on the west coast between Galway to Dingle. Do you know of any? Seems all are daily tours only.

February 2, 2009

Dublin hotel for June 2-3day stay

Planning a 10 day June 09 trip to Ireland. Flying into Dublin and out of Shannon. Want to start with 2-3days in Dublin. Family of five with 3 \'adult\' children (ages 18, 21, 22). Any suggestions on hotel - looking for something in city center near Temple Bar area, etc. Looking for a decent hotel with some local flavor. Thx.

January 31, 2009

Winter Suggestions Needed

My husband and I would like to take a short break to Ireland in mid-February. We travel to Europe several times a year, so we are not necessarily looking to sight-see on this trip. Just a well-needed respite. We would like to stay put in a town that has enough to gently do (restaurants, few shops, pubs) for a 3 night stay. We would plan t0 spend 1-2 nights in Dublin (or Shannon) before our return flight. We would like

January 30, 2009

Travel Time

Wendy, I have decided to stay in Bunratty the first night. Killarney 2 nights and Kilkenny just one night before traveling to Dublin. Do you think this will work better? Also, I have cut out a few things on our agenda (unless weather forces us to make changes). I have excluded Waterford and the Blarney Castle (might do this one if we find time). Just curious, if you could pick 3 of the following 5, which ones one you see....Dingle, Blarney Castle, Waterford Factory, Rock of

January 29, 2009

Ireland in 8 days. Will this itinerary work?

In advance. Thank you for your help! My wife and I have a trip planned to Ireland mid March. We fly in and out of Shannon. Can you please tell me if my itinerary is recommended and doable in this time frame? Day 1: Land in Shannon early morning The Burren, Cliffs of Moher....spend the night in Killarney Day 2: Ring of Kerry (should we do the Ring or the Dingle Peninsula?) Killarney N.P.....night in Killarney Day 3: Rock of Cashel, Waterford.....night in Kilkenny Day 4: Kilkenny,

January 17, 2009

Information on Ireland

I would like any and all kinds of information on Ireland. I have never been there and have absolutely no idea on what I want for information. My family came from Armagh County and that would be a place to start. I am wondering how long it would take to tour Ireland to see as much as possible. Also possible places to rent while there (thinking of two or three months stay). Things to do and where to get family records such

January 15, 2009

Is this an irish dish?

Greetings, All or my life during the holidays we have had some dishes that represented our irish part of my heritage i.e. mince pies, colcannon, etc. However, the one I haven't seen anywhere is potato filling (dressing). For my grandfather and his family this was what they had (instead of a bread dressing) w/their turkey. Is this a traditional food that other's partake? Or, simply a family item? If, in fact, it is a known dish could you tell me about