History of Ireland

Early Ireland: 10000BC to 2000BC

The first Irish people, who probably arrived from Scotland about 9000 years ago, were hunter gatherers, constantly on the move in search of food.

Pre-Christian Ireland 2000 BC – 400 AD

Pre-christian Ireland had a complex and well ordered social structure, and have left us a legacy that has persisted for centuries. But was it Celtic …

The Coming of Christianity: 400AD – 800AD

The coming of Christianity brought not just faith but the important skills of reading and writing, until now unavailable to the Celts.

The Vikings in Ireland: 800AD–1169

The Vikings held sway in Ireland from 795 AD until defeated by Brian Boru at the battle of Clontarf in 1014.

Strongbow and the Normans: 1170 – 1536

In 1170 Ireland was again invaded, by the Normans, led by Strongbow, beginning a period of almost 800 years of occupation.

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