Christmas in Ireland

Christmas and the New Year are major occasions in Ireland, the country essentially shuts down for a week or more and adopts a holiday spirit with great gusto. While in many ways the celebrations are similar to those in other places where the holiday is important – and new ‘foreign’ customs are increasingly incorporated alongside old ones – there are some unique traditions which have persisted for generations, such as ‘hunting the wren‘.

Food is at the heart of any celebration and for most families the Christmas Cake and Christmas Pudding are an essential part of the feast. While there are almost as many recipes as families, the ones here are my own family favourites and have stood the test of time. I hope you’ll enjoy them too.

Christmas in Ireland

Christmas is a major event in Ireland, both as a holiday and as an occasion for frenzied shopping and overindulgence - much as it is everywhere else.

Irish Christmas Pudding

With its rich fruit and the plentiful addition of whiskey, this pudding has an important place at the table in any traditional Irish Christmas …

A Typical Irish Christmas

What life is like at Christmas in Ireland, from the days and weeks of preparation, to Christmas day and the lead in to a New Year.

Christmas Traditions in Ireland

A look at some of the traditions of an Irish Christmas, from a lit candle in the window on Christmas Eve - and why it has been revived as a tradition …

Visiting Ireland at Christmas

Because Ireland kind of stops dead over the Christmas period, it may not be the best time to travel.

Christmas Food in Ireland

Of course the Irish eat too much at Christmas - that's the point, isn't it? …

Traditional Irish Christmas Cake

Made with plenty of fruit, nuts and Irish Whiskey and topped with marzipan and white frosting, the Christmas cake is a central part of Christmas in Ireland.

Irish Mince Pies

These delicious pastry pies filled with mincemeat - which despite its name contains no meat but is a rich spicy fruit mix - are a traditional dish at …