Irish Place Names

Irish Place Names: R-T

You may know the song 'The Valley of Sleivenamon' but what does the name mean? And what about Tobercurry, is it anything to do with spicy food?

Irish Place Names: M-O

If you lived in Moneygall would it mean you'd be rich? Sadly no.

Irish Place Names: K-L

Place names beginning with Kil- are among the most common in Ireland, but it can take a bit of detective work to find out what the Kil means.

Irish Place Names: D-G

The meaning of Glen in an Irish place name is pretty obvious.

Irish Placenames: C

Many place names in Ireland begin with the letter C.

Irish Place Names: A-B

A guide to figuring out the meaning of place names that begin with the letter A or B, from Abbeyfeale and Ardagh to Ballybunion and Bunratty.

Irish Place Names

The origin and meaning of place names in Ireland can be tricky to decipher, but they are a vivid reminder of our varied past, with names of Gaelic, …

Diciphering Irish Placenames

While they may seem indecipherable most Irish place names are relatively easy to understand once you know how they are formed.

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Odd & Unusual Irish Place Names

Some of these names sound strange, sometimes just to non-Irish ears, sometimes to everyone.