Sport in Ireland

Rugby in Ireland

Although Ireland is a small country in rugby terms, the game is hugely popular and both national teams and club side have enjoyed considerable …

The GAA and the All Ireland Championship

Every county in Ireland has its own colours, proudly waved and worn by team supporters during the annual GAA All Ireland Championships.

Hurling: A traditional Irish Sport

Hurling is a traditional Irish sport whose origins go back more than 700 years and which is still hugely popular today.

Gaelic Football

Probably the most popular field game in Ireland, Gaelic football is an amateur sport played in almost all counties.


Camogie is a women's amateur team game played at a very fast pace with a hurley and a ball, very much like the traditional sport of hurling.

Soccer in Ireland

Soccer has been played in Ireland since 1878, and there are clubs catering for all ages and standards troughout the country.

Irish Road Bowling

Rad bowling is a very old sport, now played mainly in Cork and Armagh, in which a cast iron ball is thrown along a route which follows public roads.

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