Touring Ireland

B&B Accommodation in Ireland

Bed and breakfast accommodation is a popular choice for visitors to Ireland and since you will stay in private homes choosing to stay in a B&B will …

Accommodation in Guest Houses in Ireland

Guest houses differ from B&Bs in that they are not generally family homes, and from hotels because they have fewer facilities.

Accommodation in Town and Country Houses in Ireland

These accommodations are in some of Ireland oldest and loveliest houses, many of which have been owned by the families who live in them for hundreds …

Tax Free Shopping in Ireland

Visitors to Ireland from non-EU countries can claim back the VAT (or sales tax) they spend on certain goods in Ireland.

Self-Catering Accommodation in Ireland

Renting a house or cottage, or an apartment in a city, is a good option if you are planning to stay in the same part of Ireland for a week or more.

Recommended Irish Tour Operators

This is a personal selection of tour operators we know do a fine job, and who really work hard to provide a top quality service, no matter what end of …

Choosing a Tour Operator

Picking the right tour company to organise your trip to Ireland is the first major decision you take when planning your vacation - and possibly the …

Save on Car Fuel in Ireland

Fuel in Ireland is expensive, and it's even more expensive in Northern Ireland.

Irish Rail and Bus Saver Cards

There are a number of discount cards for travel on bus and train in Ireland and Northern Ireland, but whether or not these will save you money depends …

The Dublin Pass: Is it worth it?

The Dublin Pass is a widely advertised card which gives free entry to many of Dublin's major tourist attractions.

The Dublin Pass Attractions

Deciding whether a Dublin pass is a good buy for you means deciding how many of the attractions to which it gives entrance are ones you want to visit.

Days Out with the Dublin Pass

The Dublin Pass is definitely not always good value - but it can be with a little forward planning.