Ireland on a Budget

There is no getting away from the fact that Ireland is an expensive destination to visit or to tour. However there are many ways to cut the cost of a trip while still enjoying the best of what the country has to offer. The time you visit, how and where you tour and the accommodation you choose can all impact on the total cost of a trip, and articles here have tips on all of these.

In particular we have a lot of detail on passes sold to tourists that offer reduced entrance to attractions and other benefits – the Dublin Pass and the Heritage Card – whether they are worth having and how to maximise your savings if you do buy one. And of course there are lots of great places that are absolutely free, the best price of all!

The Heritage Card

If you are touring Ireland for more than a couple of days, this card will certainly save you money, possibly quite a lot of money.

Ireland for Free!

The fact that all these places are completely free to visit does not in any way make them inferior - some of the most popular visitor attractions in …

10 Money Saving Tips for Visiting Ireland

Your precious vacation is for enjoying treats, having a little more luxury than normal and being able to relax – you don’t want to …

Discounted Hotel Rooms

Last minute deals on unsold 3 and 4 star hotel rooms in Ireland, discounted by as much as 60%.

Ireland is Free on Wednesdays!

There is free entrance each Wednesday to all historic buildings, monuments and other sites in Ireland that are in the care of the Heritage Council of Ireland.

Heritage Card Attractions

This is a complete listing of the sites to which the Hertiage Card gives admission in Ireland, ordered by their location, since this is the way they …

Save on Car Rental in Ireland

Where, when and how to get the best value when you book car rental for your Irish holiday.

B&B Vouchers – Deal or No Deal?

B&B vouchers are widely available and many people planning a trip to Ireland at least consider buying them.

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Finding Accommodation Bargains

The hotel market in Ireland is oversupplied -which means there are bargains to be had.

Find Bargain Hotel Accommodation in Ireland

Ireland has built too many hotels and visitor numbers are likely to drop - that's bad news for the industry but it's good news for you.

Tax Free Shopping in Ireland

Visitors to Ireland from non-EU countries can claim back the VAT (or sales tax) they spend on certain goods in Ireland.

Save on Car Fuel in Ireland

Fuel in Ireland is expensive, and it's even more expensive in Northern Ireland.

Irish Rail and Bus Saver Cards

There are a number of discount cards for travel on bus and train in Ireland and Northern Ireland, but whether or not these will save you money depends …

The Dublin Pass: Is it worth it?

The Dublin Pass is a widely advertised card which gives free entry to many of Dublin's major tourist attractions.

The Dublin Pass Attractions

Deciding whether a Dublin pass is a good buy for you means deciding how many of the attractions to which it gives entrance are ones you want to visit.