Arklow, Co Wicklow

Arklow is located on the coast of Co Wicklow, where the Avoca River flows into the sea. The town was founded in the 9th century by the Vikings. Its name derives from “Arknell’s Low”, Arknell being a viking name and a “Low” an area of land.

Once primarily a local market town, to-day Arklow is a busy and growing commuter town, with many residents travelling daily to work in Dublin.

The single bridge which crosses the Avoca river is the longest arched bridge in Ireland, with 19 arches. It is hand made from cut stone and while it may have been quite an engineering feat when it was completed around 1755, it is very narrow and more famous now as a traffic bottleneck than anything else.

Main image: 19 span bridge by callmektulu

The small Maritime Museum  tells the story of the towns long fishing and maritime tradition. It also has an interesting exhibit about the local lifeboat and those who man it – Arklow was the first place in Ireland to have a lifeboat service.

Arklow Cemetery has many interesting gravestones and has a lovely classical style cut stone building at its entrance.

Tick-Tock Activity Farm

Kids will love Tick Tock Activity Farm where they can see – and touch! –  pot bellied pigs, Jacob sheep, goats, cows, a horse, a donkey and an alpaca among many other animals. They can drive mini tractors, play in the excellent playgound or board the activity bus while you relax in farm cafe. It’s a really good family day out.

Glenart Castle  was built around 1750 and was once home to the Earl of Carysfort. It was built as a hunting lodge, set in a small heavily wooded estate and with impressive terraced gardens.

Today it is rather a sad sight. For a time it was a hotel, but that venture failed and it is now abandoned and the once lovely gardens are unkempt. It looks a lot better from the satellite in the map below than it does in reality.

Map of Arklow

Map of things to see and do in or near Arklow.

Published: September 27, 2008 | Updated: March 31, 2017

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