Lakemount Gardens

Lakemount in Summer

Lakemount in Summer

A domestic garden, though on a large scale, close to Cork city and mainly the creation of Brian Cross, who has hit on the magical formula which provides something of interest all year round and has a knack for colour which is a real feature of his garden.

Lakemount is quite obviously the result of many years of dedication and devotion, as well as skilled gardening, and its varied areas are all beautifully planted and maintained.

From the pond surrounded by impeccable lawns and colourful herbaceous borders and beds, past the “mini” courtyard and cottage gardens to the shady old apple orchard, visitors will find something of interest at every turn.

The cottage garden is like a trip into the picture on a chocolate box, from the wickerwork archway entrance, covered with wonderfully scented honeysuckle, clematis and sweet pea, to the exhuberently planted herbaceuos borders and the pond surrounded by by dieramas, sedums and penstemons. It’s a heaven for butterflys who add to the magical athmosphere.

The courtyard garden could easily be used as a model for those with gardens on a more modest scale, with good use of containers and planting that provides interest and variety all year round.

Plants to look out for include the Chatham Island Forget-me-Not, which is not the timid plant you might expect but a huge exotic leaved beauty, an interesting collection of Hydrangeas, with great variety in their colour and a variety of Rhodedendrons which flower sequentially from early Spring to late Summer.

Visiting the Garden

The gardens are open every day from April to Septemeber but admission is by prior appointment only – so call ahead of time.

The owner is a garden designer and consultant and is available to help if you are keen to transform your patch into something as beautiful as his.

Visiting gardens like this, created by the passion of a single person, is quite a different experience to going to larger public gardens. Meeting with the enthusiastic plant lovers who create them will always teach the visiting gardener a thing or two they can apply at home.

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Published: November 28, 2008 | Updated: March 31, 2017

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