10 day trip in June

May 19, 2007


We are planning a 10 day trip to Ireland on June 10 with a family of 4 (adults). We have a loose itinerary with definite places we will visit.

My husband and I visited Ireland 4 years ago (in April) and drove finding B&B’s (late afternoon ) haphazardly along the way. We had a wonderful time and were satisfied with all B&B’s, some more than others. However now traveling with four adults, and in the month of June, should I be concerned about finding B&B’s each night?????

I did purchase a book listing B&B’s throughout Ireland but I’m afraid making reservations ahead will limit our ability to change our itinery.What is your opinion?

Your site is terrific, very informative. Thank you Mon

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  • DoChara says:

    In early June you can expect it to be bright enough to drive without lights until 9pm or a little later on the east coast, you’ll get an extra 10-15 minutes on the west coast.

    Bad weather days can catch you out a bit though. If it is overcast you may need to start using lights a couple of hours earlier. That’s not too likely in June though.

  • missmona98 says:


    Thank you for your prompt reply and info. I know I’ve read somewhere (maybe your site) the hours of daylight in Ireland. I would like to know when it gets dark in early June (daylight driver only!) Thanks again


  • IrishFlair says:


    You are right to be concerned especially needing 2 rooms during the summertime. However, you can get away with being pretty loose with yout trip as long as you approach it the right way.

    First of all, any, any days in Dublin will need to be reserved beforehand. It is highly unlikely, unless you are OK with paying Top Dollar, that you will find any decent prices for hotels stays there.

    You may wish to consider reserving your first and last night stays ahead of time, before you leave so that you do no thave to mess with finding a place for you all on those busy and tiring days. Afterall, you know where you will be coming in and doing on your first day and where you need to be on your last so you may as well find a nice place and schedule your time there.

    If you will be visiting any really popular tourist areas then you are going to have to look harder for your rooms. In that catagory I would include Dingle, Killarney, Kenmare, Kinsale, Galway town, Bunratty area, Doolin… places that you hear of over and over. (Since you have already been to Ireland I’m sure you know where I’m talking about.) For these areas you will want to call ahead a couple of days before you arrive. At the very least you can go through your book and try a couple before you arrive.

    For other days try calling a day ahead (if you know where you are going) or the morning of before you get on the road. Staying out in the countryside or B&B’s outside of town is a good place to look for multiple rooms as most folks want to be close to pubs and within walking distance in the evening. If you should get into an area early afternoon start calling about, you may have to settle in the busy areas for two nearby B&Bs each with one room. But as long as they are close by it should work.

    You may also wish to use the very well informed Tourist Office that most towns have. For a few Euro they will do the calling for you to find a B&B with rooms that you need. Also don’t hesitate to ask the B&B hosts for recommendations; if their B&B is full they know plenty of others you can try. They will also often know someone in other areas and will either call themselves for you or give you the info needed for you to call when you get closer to whatever area you are headed in.

    If it starts to get late, like past 8 or 9pm and you still haven’t found anywhere that is when you will need to start looking for a local hotel. These places are more likely to have multiple rooms that can take you all and it’s not too late to be checking in. Many hotels in Ireland are smaller (by that I mean, privately owned with fewer rooms) and will also offer a B&B rate. We have stayed in a few around the country that can be recommended, DoChara’s site has a good list and you can get a book of Hotels & Guesthouses from any Tourist Office, too. (Also other B&Bs books.)

    For any fancier place, like Guesthouses and Manorhouses, you will want to call ahead. Castle stays are also ones you will want to reserve sooner rather than later.

    I hope this helps a bit!

    Safe travels,


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