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February 2, 2009


I have been searching for a castle accomodation for one night on the west coast between Galway to Dingle. Do you know of any? Seems all are daily tours only.

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  • Colleen,
    There is also Adare Manor in Limerick and while it doesn’t have the name of a castle, it is very much on par with the others — being a 5-star property.  Since Glin is now banquet-only, Ballyseede is a nice 4-star property in Tralee which gives you comforts without the stuffiness of a 5-star property (and the price!)

  • ziggy says:

    Glin Castle is closed unless you want to rent the whole castle.

  • IrishFlair says:


    I know of a couple of castle hotels options for you.  

    Dromoland is of course the most well known; a five star castle hotel it is also one of the most expensive.  However, in this economy, don’t let that put you off staying there.  Just call and ask for a Best Price and don’t be afraid to bargain your price a bit. It is very close to Shannon Airport in Co Clare so makes for a good not quite half way point between Galway and Dingle.

    Glin Castle hotel is another option for you.  Coming from Clare,  it’s in the north of part of Co Kerry and would make for a good half way point between Galway and Dingle.

    A third option is Ballyseede Castle hotel which is very close to Dingle, just outside the town of Tralee.  It’s more than half way between the two but is certainly a lovely place to stay.

    Hope this helps!

    Safe travels


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