Dublin, Dingle, Galway 4 days?

December 10, 2008


Here is my tentative itinerary, is it too ambitious?

Day 1 – Fly into Dublin early AM, some sightseeing, overnight

Day 2 – Drive to Dingle, overnight

Day 3 – Drive to Galway, visit Cliffs of Moher enroute, overnight Galway

Day 4 – sightsee all day, overnight Galway

Day 5 – early AM flight out of Shannon

My alternate itinerary would exclude Dingle

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  • IrishFlair says:

    Yes, your itinerary is too ambitious.  The drive from Dublin to Dingle is a long one and then to to turn around and leave for Galway the next day… yikes!  Not to mention an early AM flight out of Shannon but you must come from Galway first.  No, you’d never make it.  Instead consider:

    Day 1 – Fly into Dublin early AM, some sightseeing, overnight

    Day 2 – Drive to Galway, overnight Galway

    Day 3 – Drive to Dingle, visit Cliffs of Moher enroute, use Killimer – Tarbert ferry to get to Kerry, overnight Dingle

    Day 4 – sightsee half day, drive to Bunratty, overnight

    Day 5 – early AM flight out of Shannon

    A couple of notes on this itinerary. This is more of a summer schedule when you have long hours of daylight for driving and sightseeing.  Poor weather or short winter or even spring hours means you do a lot of driving in the dark and won’t get to see much. 

    This is also a schedule for someone who can either a) sleep on airplanes, b) is coming from the East coast of the US &/or c) does not have any trouble driving in Europe.  Jet lag, unfamiliar roads and car, not being comfortable with local driving rules will make for a slower trip.  Longer drives (like Dublin to Galway or Galway to Dingle) take longer then just the miles on the map say.  Figure you will drive 30-35mph, so a 60 mile trip will take about 2 hours.

    Five days just isn’t a lot of time to visit Ireland.  You can see and do a lot more by cutting out Dingle and leaving it for another trip.  I would still head to Galway first from Dublin then make your way down Clare before ending up at the airport in Shannon.  It’s just an easier route and drive.

    Safe travels,


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