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May 16, 2007


I just discovered the site yesterday and am so excited! I have been so busy planning the wedding and we only booked our trip two weeks ago…. so I need HELP!

I would like to get the most out of our trip, but worry about missing the ‘smelling the roses’ points. We are young, but not partiers- we like the green and the ocean!

We are flying into Belfast on the afternoon of the 19th. The first hurdle is car rental- it is much cheaper in Dublin, so we are planning on taking a bus (probably on Sunday) down to Dublin- how much time is Belfast worth?

Then we plan on hiring a car and doing a loop. I was thinking of doing Dublin last- seeing what we can in the country side is more important, I think.

I would like to know if the Baltimore Wooden boat festival is worth trying to plan around? It is on the 26/27 in Bantry Bay.

The ‘plan’ is to fly out to Edinburgh on the 31 for a few days before we fly home from Glasgow. The only flight is early in the morning though, so this day is a write off for Ireland (if we do this).

ACKKKK! PLease help me with any ideas for an itinerary.

Much appreciated.

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  • kirsten says:

    Holy Mackeral!
    You did that fast and so well!!

    Thank you soooooo much for all the advice! You are amazing!

  • IrishFlair says:

    The only thing I can add to this is to spend only the one day in Dublin. Dublin is a great city but, as you say, it’s the countryside that brings most folks to Ireland for a visit so spend your days as Katherine says and leave a single day (or half day) to Dublin. You can always come back another time to visit that Fair City.

    Best of luck and congratulations!


  • DoChara says:

    You are leaving in 3 days!! This is an EMERGENCY!!

    But your thinking is really good already, so it’s not a problem. Starting at the end – don’t worry about missing a day in Ireland when you are headed to Edinbugh. You’ll love Edinburgh, it’s a wonderful city and well worth making time for, and the 19th to the 30th gives you plenty of time for a good tour in Ireland.

    Ok, let’s get more specific.

    1. Arrival: Belfast/Dublin & Car Rental.
    I’d not spend too much time in Belfast. Not that it isn’t a nice city, but there is not a whole lot to see there, and you will have a Saturday night to stroll about the city. Have a drink in the the Crown, that’ll be a good memory of Belfast stored.

    The Aircoach bus from Belfast to Dublin Airport is an excellent option – is that the one you had planned getting?

    It means you don’t have to go into the city to get your rental car, it’s far easier to pick it up at the Airport and much easier to get on the road from there too. It’ll be a Sunday also, so traffic will be much lighter.

    If you have not already booked a car, have a look at Dan Dooley. Use the name of this site – ‘dochara’ – as a promotion code and you’ll get 10% off.

    So, you’ll be on the road out of Dublin early Sunday afternoon – where to?

    Suggested Itinerary

    I am bearing two things in mind here. One, you want the ocean and the open country, two you want to smell the roses! Based on that I think that favouring less crowded places over more touristy ones is good (though it isn’t really a biggie yet in May) and not going too fast will give you time to absorb and enjoy the places you visit.

    Sunday 20th: Belfast – Dublin – Kilkenny
    Kilkenny is not a very long drive from the Airport (about 2 hours) and so you will have plenty of time to have a look around the city when you arrive. Consider a slight detour and stop at the National Stud in Kildare.

    As an aside Liam Clancy, a complete legend in Irish/folk music, is playing in Kilkenny that night if you are interested. He is very, very well worth seeing. Book ahead.

    Monday 21st: Kilkenny and area
    You could skip this day and move on, which in a way is why I have put it in, for flexibility. But it is a good day. There is a very lovely drive around Kilkenny with the route as follows, including some places well worth a visit in brackets:

    Kilkenny -> Bennetsbridge (Mosses Pottery) -> Thomastown (Jerpoint Abbey, Kilfane House & Gardens) -> Inistioge (Woodstock House) -> Graiguenamanagh (walk along river, see barges, lockes etc. Lovely) -> Gowran (St Mary’s Church and little tea rooms opposite, brilliant homemade cakes and bread!) -> Kilkenny.

    That would take a day done at a leisurely pace, and a most enjoyable one.

    Tuesday 22nd: Kilkenny – Clare
    This is mostly a day getting to Clare, but with stops.

    Kilkenny -> Cahir (Castle) -> Cashel (Rock of Cashel) -> Limerick -> Ballyvaughan.

    I’d just drive though Limerick city, though you could stop. That, with stops as suggested, will take about 4.5-5 hours. You’ll have time in the afternoon/evening, if you don’t stop in Limerick, to get to the Cliffs of Moher or to Ailwee Caves or just have a wander around the Burren.

    From here on you will hardly leave the coast!!

    Wednesday 23rd – Friday 25th: Clare/Kerry/West Cork
    Spend most of Wednesday in Clare. The Burren area is worth a full day. You could either stay overnight or head on to Kerry in the evening to be ready for an early start next day.

    Either way, you have 2 days in Kerry (or make it three if you skip the day around Kilkenny above). I’d suggest either Dingle or the Ring of Kerry on the first day (my preference would be Dingle) and then the Beara Peninsula on the next.

    Saturday 26th – Sunday 27th: Baltimore/West Cork
    Baltimore is ALWAYS worth going to, festival or none. So yes, include this, those boats are wonderful and totally worth seeing and there is easily enough to see and do in West Cork to take up any additional time.

    There will be great craic in the pubs around Baltimore and plenty of music while the festival is on. You’ll have a good time.

    I’ve allowed two days here, but you could make it one and take more time elsewhere.

    Monday 28th: Baltimore – Waterford
    You are starting to make your way back to Dublin at this point. But nicely! There is plenty to stop for along this route, take all day to do it and enjoy.

    Balimore -> Kinsale (go along coast road) -> Cobh (Heritage centre, Fota Island) -> Youghal [say ‘Yawl’] -> Waterford.

    You could add a stop in Cork city. If you don’t you should get to Waterford in time to see the Crystal Factory if it interests you.

    Tuesday 29th: Waterford – Dublin
    Go directly (2.5 hours) and be in Dublin for lunch and an afternoon of touring the city. Or go via Wicklow and take all day to get there with stops along the way. The latter route is much prettier and goes something like this:

    Waterford -> New Ross (Dunbrody Emigrant Ship, Kennedy Homestead) -> Enniscorthy -> Ashford (Mount Usher Gardens) -> Glendalough (Monastery) -> Kilmacanogue [say kil-mechanic] (Avoca Handweavers) -> Dublin

    You’d be hard pushed to see everything there, but you can pick and mix as you like.

    Tuesday 30th: Dublin
    You could make an extra day in Dublin by skipping the Kilkenny day and not using it in Kerry, or by staying only one day around Baltimore.

    I didn’t mean to write at such length, and don’t mean to suggest this is the ONLY way, but it’s one way and there is a reasonable amount of flexibility built in.

    It does skip Galway/Connermara altogether, but quite honestly unless you want to be under time pressure you have to skip something, and I think this would be a very good basic plan for a honeymoon trip, where you don’t want to be overly rushed and want time to stroll about and enjoy the places you visit.


    PS I forgot to say Congratuations!!

    Don’t forget to tell accommodation providers you are on honeymoon – they’ll look after you that litte bit better!

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