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January 17, 2009


I would like any and all kinds of information on Ireland. I have never been there and have absolutely no idea on what I want for information.

My family came from Armagh County and that would be a place to start. I am wondering how long it would take to tour Ireland to see as much as possible. Also possible places to rent while there (thinking of two or three months stay).

Things to do and where to get family records such as birth, death records. I guess what I am asking is where can I get all the information that I may need and want for my trip. Also, are there local guides in all areas of Ireland? I don’t really want to book tours as I don’t think they are all that I want. I hope you can me out. Thank you.

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  • IrishFlair says:


    Your question is really broad and so difficult to answer in full.  However, you have picked the Perfect Spot in which to begin your discovery of Ireland… Katherine’s web site is a wealth of information that I hope you can really take your time and dig into.  She has many Great pages for you but I’ll give quick links to the ones yo uneed to start with.

    Info for Visitors –
    All kinds of information from what to pack to what to bring to what to expect for weather to money, electricty and even how best to photograph Ireland.  Each of these, and more, are it’s own Subject so you will have LOTs of pages open by the time you get through them all.  Still, all of it is Excellent information for preparing for a trip to Ireland.  (Note: most of the info is related to the Republic of Ireland, NOT Northern Ireland where Co. Armagh is.  She does make note of the differences in many of the articles.  Just know that when it comes to visiting Armagh, you make note of those differences, too.)

    A Bit O’Hisotry –
    Lots about Public Holidays in Ireland as well as some proper history
    as to why Ireland is the way it is these days (found here:  Also, there’s some really important information for you about Tracing Your Irish Roots –

    From there I’m sure you will be able to start a rough idea of where you want to go and see.  If you get stuck for ideas it’s always best to see where the escorted bus tours go and then figure out if the places they stop/see interest you.  Katherine has also done a lot of that work for you and made up some really amazing itineraries, too.

    With 2 or 3 months will you certainly be able to see everything you want in Ireland.  Most folks try to get away with a week, maybe two if they are lucky.  You can stay up to three months without needing a visa if you are from the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealandand the same goes for NI.  With that amount of time, you should consider have a couple of main bases, both north and south from which to Live for a few weeks at a time and then explore each area at your leisure.  There are mant places you can rent for weeks at a time and, in today’s economic climate, there should be some great deals going.  Katherine has a great list of places she recommends.  You can read more about selfcatering here – and find her list of places to rent here –  To that list I would add Hidden Ireland’s Holiday Cottages and the Irish Landmark Trust –

    There are, of course, other web sites you should explore for info on Ireland.  One of the best is the Irish Tourism Boards own –

    That really should get you started! Let us know how you get on and I’m sure we can help narrow down a few places once you know more about what you want and where you wish to go.

    Safe travels,


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