December 29, 2008


We are wanting to take our first visit to Ireland, but we also want to visit Iona in Scotland.

Is there a ferry from Ireland to Iona or must you first go to England and then to Scotland? Besides Iona, we only want to tour Ireland.

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  • IrishFlair says:

    Iona is a good bit out of your way from Ireland.  There is a ferry you can take from Northern Ireland to Scotland but then you would have to drive or take a bus from there to get up to Iona.  Driving is a good 7 hours; by bus it would be a lot longer.  You could try getting a cheap flight from Dublin or Belfast into Glasgow then drive from there – again, it’s a long drive, over 5 hours.  Either way you will want to take a couple of days at least.

    Not sure how much time you have in total but unless it’s more than a week (you may get away with it if you had 10 days – 7 in Ireland and 3 to get to, visit and return from Iona), I would save Scotland for a separate trip.

    For more info an getting to Scotland:
    Traveling from Ireland

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