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January 9, 2009



My wife & I (with 2 dogs that sleep in our own car) wish to visit for 2 weeks. We thought a circular route from Dublin as we will arrive by ferry from Holyhead.

Would like to stay in comfortable & varied ‘value for money’ accommodation offering great food etc. each night. One of us is a Vegetarian. Can you suggest some places please? I can then fully research.

We also wish to visit/walk at locations that ‘welcome dogs’ wherever possible but not at the expense of missing really special attractions as they can stay in the car. What would you suggest please? Have a particular wish to see the Irish peat bodies (Coneyclaven/Old Croghan man). Will then fully research your suggestions.

Finally, can you recommend a travel itinerary that is not too manic! A mainly coastal route would be good perhaps?

Many thanks.

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  • clive mabbutt says:

    Thanks for both your suggestions Katherine & Wendy.  Will review sites you recommend & once we have  been will share our experiences with you here.

  • IrishFlair says:

    In my experience, many of the best “value for money” B&Bs are those that out of the way a wee bit – think of ones that either out in the countryside (better for dog walking!) or away from nearest village so that you would need a car to get into town.  The Irish Farmhouse Holidays web site has many of these places listed.  

    There are many Vegetarian options for you when traveling around Ireland.  Most restaurants and even pubs will have at least one option for those who do not eat meat.  I’ve found that MenuPages has a good list for those who are looking for a specific cuisine, whether it be vegetarian or not.   

    And, as always, you can alway ask around.  Not only are the locals happy to point you in the right direction you will probably have a grand chat as well!

    Looking forward to seeing how your trip shapes up!

    Safe travels,


  • Katherine says:

    Your questions are really a little to general for me to be able to answer them in any detail, so I’ll just point you to some links that may help in your planning. Then if you want to come back along the way and look for more suggestions or information, you’re welcome to do so.

    First off, there is a good list here of dog friendly accommodation in Ireland. Lots of those are nice places to stay anyway, dog or not.

    There will be no shortage of places to walk the dogs – a lot of what you do in Ireland, like touring areas etc, means you are out in the countryside and provided your dogs are on leads you’ll be fine to take them. The Coillte forest parks around the country are some of the places you could give them a bit of a run. And it isn’t too hard to find quiet beaches where you can let them off the lead.

    When I’ve traveled with a dog, I find the easiest thing to do is ask someone walking a dog where the best walks locally are.

    Both of those peat bodies are now part of the collection at the National Museum.  I know they were on display for a time in 2007, but I am not sure they are on permanent display – I was there quite recently and didn’t see them, but then I wasn’t looking out for them.

    On the itinerary – I think the best thing to do is search around this site and other sites for places that interest you, put together something provisional then come back and we can tweak it.


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