Natural history visit to The Burren

June 6, 2013


We will be traveling with a group tour and spending several days in Galway. One day is designated as a “free” day, and my husband and I are interested in seeing the nature of The Burren more than the man-made sights. Where can we go to best see the geology and wildflowers?

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  • Katherine says:

    Hi Lynne,

    You don’t say when you are travelling, but I am going to assume it’s in the Summer, which is a good time to visit the Burren with nature in mind.

    Many people who have heard of the unique habitat of the Burren are a little disappointed when they get there and see…. nothing much. The Burren is very subtle, it doesn’t flaunt its riches! There is a tremendous amount to see, but it’s not that easy to see it unless you know the terrain.

    For that reason I’d really highly recommend going on an organised walk with a knowledgeable leader. You will get much more out of the visit after you’ve been shown where and how to look. Quite honestly, without an introduction like that, you are likely to end up a bit aimless and lost.

    There are a number of companies offering Burren walks and they are generally all pretty good. Two I know are highly regarded are Heart of Burren Walks (which I think would be the better one for you) and Burren Wild Tours.

    If they don’t work out for your schedule, or you’d rather go it alone, there is an excellent (but not inexpensive) book that will act as a good guide: Natural History of the Burren. This walking guide (written by the guy who runs Heart of Burren walks) is also good and not as pricey, though it would not be as focused on the habitat aspect as the first one.



    • Lynne Davis says:

      Thank you so much, Katherine!  Both of these options sound great.  It will be difficult to choose.  Yes, we are traveling this summer with the Knoxville (Tennessee) Choral Society, doing a concert tour.  Our free day in Galway will be Sunday, June 23. We are singing a joint concert with the Galway Choral Association on Saturday evening at St. Nicholas Church.

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