Feisiana in May 07?

November 3, 2006


Hi all,
We are quite excited about our upcoming first trip to Ireland. One bit of information we are hoping to find out about is whether there are any feis (dance competitions) scheduled during the last two weeks in May. My daughter dances and would love to be able to say she danced in Ireland.


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  • DoChara says:

    I’ve no idea what caused the split, but the Irish writer Brendan Behan once said that the first item on the agenda of any new organisation in Ireland was “The Split” – he was not far wrong!

  • caboyd says:

    Thank you so much for the information about the three bodies.
    I had only been aware of the one; I wonder what caused the split.
    Anyway, I think most of the North American studios are affiliated with the first that you listed, so I will keep my eye on that website.

  • DoChara says:

    There are a number of bodies organising Irish Dancing competitions in Ireland.

    These are the principle one, and their websites would be the best to look for or enquire about events would be:
    Coimisiun le Rinci Gaelacha
    Cumann Rince Dea Mheasa (wear sunglasses for this site!!)
    The Congress of Irish Dance Teachers

    While I am absolutely not familiar with their various regulations and of how or if they qualify participants in their competitions, my impression as an outsider is that they are in vigorous competition with each other and not exactly on friendly terms.

    My vague understanding is that not everyone is necessarily eligible to compete in the comptetitions organised by each – I think you must be a member of an school affiliated to the organisation holding the competition or something. Not sure about this though.


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