Wedding in Ireland

January 15, 2009


My husband and I want to come to Ireland with a small circle of friends to renew our wedding vows. We will have been married for 10 years and obviously having it be legal is not an issue.

Are there any limitations as to where and when we can have a ceremony? Also, Do you know of any websites or anyone that I can contact with a list of possible venues and their prices?

Thank you so much,
Jessica Howell

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  • Dana says:

    My husband and I would like to renew our vows in Ireland for our 20 year anniversary. We still have 3 years but I want to get a jump on it since our guests need to plan also. I have a place in mind but could use help with other logistics. One of the things we could use help with is what he would were with his kilt, I have the style of my family/county tartan but not sure what else he wears and what I would wear. I appreciate any advice that we can get.

  • Karen Chalker says:

    My husband and I will be returning to Ireland this May 2014 to renew or marriage vows. We will be married 25 years. This will be my fifth year in a row to visit Ireland. We will start out in Galway and with the help of an Irish friend, we will make our way to Killarney and then to Dublin. I am looking for a place that screams IRELAND! Old world, like a castle or old church. Some place that when anyone looks at our photos, they will know it is Ireland. I would prefer it to be in Killarney as that is where my friend will be able to help us with transportation. I know of the church across from Killarney Plaza Hotel and also the one called St Mary’s. I would be very greatful for any help you might suggest. Also, is there such a place where I can rent a wedding gown? As old fashioned and traditonal as they come. I’m not concerned with an actual wedding, just a blessing. Thanks so much in advance for your time and attention.

  • Didi says:

    Hi Jessica,
    you may find this site of interest, Narrow Water Castle, in County Down, Northern Ireland. 


  • Katherine says:

    Since it isn’t a legal wedding, there are no restrictions at all – the world, or at least Ireland, is your oyster!

    I’d highly recommend Kate Deegan to help you with this, she has a LOT of experience organising vow renewals and in some wonderful places – the Cliffs of Moher, Holy Island and places like that.

    I don’t know of a venue listing other than hotels or similar – and I am not sure that’s what you’re looking for – but WeddingDates is a good site for finding venues for standard wedding receptions and you may find something interesting there.


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