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August 6, 2008


Thank you for this wonderful website. It has been very helpful in planning our trip. I will be staying in the Cork area August 13th to 23rd and am unsure about what to pack.

The temperature looks to be in the 15 to 17 degree range but the weather forecasts I read describe the weather as “mild”. For the most part will my children be comfortable in shorts and I in capris and sandals? Or would we be more comfortable in jeans and shoes and socks?

It seems to rain everyday. Is it a driving rain that soaks one through or is it a lighter rain for the most part? Finally, my boys are looking forward to spending a day or two surfing. Is it realistic to plan on spending a day at Inchydoney beach or will it just be too chilly? Thank you for your help with my questions.


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  • IrishFlair says:

    Just from my own experience but I am more comfortable in jeans with running shoes and socks. I find that when in Ireland I tend to do a lot of hiking around; out in fields, up gravel paths, on any castle that will let me in, in city streets and inside shops. Having two really comfortable pairs of shoes means my feet won’t get too tired or rebel at being put into the same shoe day after day.

    I personally don’t wear jeans much in Ireland as I find that, once wet, they are a pain to dry out. I do more of light weight hiking pant, one that zips off to make shorts if I want (or with boot zips on the side so I can air my legs if needs be.) These are usually warm enough for the cooler weather (or I can wear a second layer underneath if needed) yet are water resistant &/or dry quickly.

    Now, having said all that, I found September in Ireland to be quite cold though I live in southern CA and so find most places to be colder than I am used to. Either way, be sure to read Katherine’s info on packing if you haven’t already.

    As for rain, well you can get both the driving stuff, the coming down in buckets, the misting gently stuff or anywhere inbetween… sometimes all in the one day! Best to adopt the Boy Scout motto of Be Prepared! and have several layers (one a good waterproof one) you can use to adapt as needed. I have a rain and windproof jacket I use and then have a second actual rain coat we carry in the car/in the backpack “just in case”.

    Safe travels,


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