This a selection of the very best free to visit attractions in Ireland. Free is a price point that everyone likes, especially if the place that is free is a great place to visit anyway and happily some of the most interesting and enjoyable places to visit in the country make this list.

Of course there are a lot more – playgrounds, many parks and gardens and of course hundreds of walks, drives or cycle ways are also free, so even if you are on a very tight budget indeed, there is plenty to do in Ireland. Don’t forget to check out the Heritage Card also, it’s a great deal that gives entry to dozens of places for an excellent all in price.

Cork Public Museum

A nice local museum, with a wide range of exhibits primarily related to Cork city, its history and in particular some of the famous Cork people who …

Scattery Island

Now uninhabited, Scattery was lived in from the time St Senen established a monastery there in 534 until the last Islanders left in 1978.

Killykeen Forest Park

Killykeen is a large forested area beside Lough Oughter in Co Cavan, which as well as good walks has an interesting ruined castle on an Island and a …

National Gallery of Ireland

This gallery is home to the National art collection which is an eclectic collection spanning all periods of art from the 14th century on.

National Museum of Ireland (Archeology & History)

This is the main museum of the four branches that comprise Ireland's National Museum and the primary repository for archaeological objects dating back …

Irish Museum of Country Life

A branch of the National Museum, which concentrates on clothing, tools, toys and other household items giving an insight into day to day living in …

Altamont House & Gardens

Altamount Gardens is a place apart, a wonderland of interconnecting gardens, riverside walks and woodlands of incredible beauty and peacefulness.

Gosford Castle & Forest Park

A 19th century castle built in a Norman style, Gosforth in Co Armagh is surrounded by excellent walks and trails trough its gardens, woodlands, …