Heritage Card

The Heritage Card is a must have for anyone touring Ireland, giving entry to dozens of the most popular locations in the country for a single bargain price. Even if you only visit a handful of them you’ll save money, and if you visit more than a handful you’ll save a LOT of money.

For general information about the card, how and where to buy it and how to use it, read this article first, then get a county by county run down of the attractions included. Look out for the Heritage Card symbol on posts as you browse the site.


Once a vast ecclesiastical city, the monastic settlements of Clonmacnoise were among the most important in Europe, and left us a rich heritage of …

Charles Fort & James Fort

Charles Fort is a massive structure, with walls up to 6m thick and five defensive bastions around its perimeter.

Barryscourt Castle

This is a domestic scale castle, typical of the type a wealthy family would have lived in in Norman Ireland.

Cahir Castle

A particular good example of Ireland Norman castles, Cahir Castle has been well restored and visitors, especially younger ones, will enjoy exploring …

Emo Court

Emo Court is a Gandon designed Georgian house at the centre of a huge landscaped estate of gardens, walks and grand vistas.

Trim Castle

Although now virtually in ruins Trim Castle is an excellent example of an early Norman defensive castle, with a thick outer curtain wall protecting …

Kilmainham Jail

Kilmainham Gaol (or Kilmainham Jail) has a central role in Irish political and social history and was the place of execution of leaders of many Irish rebellions.

Castletown House

This beautiful Palladian mansion is one of the finest historic houses in Ireland, and it's terrible to think how close it came to being lost.

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Fota House & Arboretum

Ireland's largest and best collection of rare trees and shrubs is found on Fota Island near Cork city.

Ilnacullin (Garinish Island)

A lush, green garden full of surprises, Garnish is on an Island in the Gulf Stream off the coast of Cork.

Ennis Friary

Home to Franciscan Monks for almost 800 years, the town of Ennis in Ireland grew up around Ennis Friary which was once home to over 1000 monks and …

Altamont House & Gardens

Altamount Gardens is a place apart, a wonderland of interconnecting gardens, riverside walks and woodlands of incredible beauty and peacefulness.

Dunmore Cave

While many cave systems open to visitors in Ireland were discovered relatively recently, this one has been known about since at least the 9th century, …