Rock of Dunamase

Dunamase Castle, built on a high limestone outcrop overlooking a flat plain, has been a ruin for almost 700 years, but is still worth seeing.

The Vikings in Ireland: 800AD–1169

The Vikings held sway in Ireland from 795 AD until defeated by Brian Boru at the battle of Clontarf in 1014.

Strongbow and the Normans: 1170 – 1536

In 1170 Ireland was again invaded, by the Normans, led by Strongbow, beginning a period of almost 800 years of occupation.

Irish Surnames of Viking Origin

Among the surnames found in Ireland which date to the time of Norse or Viking invasions are fairly rare ones like Dromgoole and Trant, but also …

Dublin City

There is so much to see in Ireland's capital, but we've distilled it down to a few essentials for those who can only visit for a short time.

Dunmore Cave

While many cave systems open to visitors in Ireland were discovered relatively recently, this one has been known about since at least the 9th century, …

St Patrick’s Trian

More of an adventurous day out than a visit to a museum, St Patrick's Trian is a hot favourite with kids.

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