Getting Help to Trace Your Irish Roots

There is an extensive and growing range of services available to those looking for their roots in Ireland. Most of those we list have an online presence, though they may not provide much, or any, actual access to information or records through their websites.

The Irish Government has identified Genealogical Tourism as a growth area. Essentially that means they are hungry for your dollar – so while many of the local centres are community based, they are designed to generate income.

Some provide excellent value, in other cases, not so much.

So before you commit yourself to spending money, make efforts to ascertain that the information you are looking for is actually something they are likely to have.

Professional Genealogists

Eneclann is a company based at Trinity College in Dublin who provide a range of genealogical and historical research services. They have been very active at getting records into searchable database format and have published several CDs of records and information of interest to researchers. Their website is well worth a visit even if you don’t plan to use professional research services.

The Association of Professional Genealogists in Ireland (APGI) is the regulating body for genealogic researchers working in Ireland and they maintain an up to date directory of members at their website. They also have a good page of advice for those considering hiring a professional.

Morrigan Research Services provide a wide range of genealogical services, including assistance for those who are looking into the possibility of claiming Irish Citizenship based on their Irish ancestors.

National Organisations

Irish Genealogy is an umbrella organisation working with both government and private organisations to co-ordinate the Irish Genealogical Project. They have several useful resources at their site including free searches of many records that you have to pay for elsewhere.

The Irish Family History Foundation is a voluntary network of local history centres in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Most of the local organisations and centres listed below are members of the network.

International Organisations

The Irish Genealogical Society International (IGSI) is a US based non-profit organisation. Members have access to a wide range of records and resources.

The Irish Genealogical Research Society is a UK based organisation who maintain an extensive library of Irish related material of interest to genealogists. They also publish the annual “The Irish Genealogist”.

Local History & Family History Societies in Ireland

Most counties of Ireland now have a local centre which can assist with genealogical research. Not all have websites, but an increasing number do. They are listed below by county.

Antrim: Ulster Historical Foundation website email
Armagh Ancestry Online website email
Carlow email
Cavan Genealogy email
Clare Heritage and Genealogical Centre website
Clare: The Lisdoonvarna Archive website
Cork City Ancestral Project email
Cork: Mallow Heritage Centre email
Derry Genealogy Centre website
Down: Ulster Historical Foundation website email
Donegal Ancestry Centre website email
Dublin: Dun Laoghaire Heritage Society email
Dublin: Fingal Genealogy email
Fermanagh: Irish World website email
East Galway Family History Society email
Galway Family History Society West email
Kildare History and Family Research Centre website email
Kilkenny Archaeological Society website email
Laois: Irish Midlands Ancestry website email
Leitrim Genealogy Centre email
Limerick Genealogy website email
Longford Genealogy Centre website email
Louth County Library website email
Mayo North Family History Centre website email
South Mayo Family Research Centre website email
Meath Heritage and Genealogy Centre email
Monaghan Ancestry email
Offaly: Irish Midlands Ancestry website email
Roscommon Heritage and Genealogy Society website email
Sligo Heritage and Genealogical Centre website email
Tipperary North Family History Research Centre website email
Tipperary South: Brú Ború Cultural Centre website email
Tipperary Family History Research website email
Tyrone: Irish World website email
Waterford Heritage Services website email
Westmeath: Dun na Sí Heritage Centre email
Wexford Heritage and Genealogy Centre email
Wicklow Family History Centre email

Published: November 1, 2008 | Updated: March 31, 2017

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  • ivan walsh says:

    i am trying to find great grandparents/great great grandparents ect info history i have below info but seem to be stuck can you help me please.
    Yours Faithfull Ivan Walsh

    John William Walsh, born 29 Jan 1913 to parents John Walsh & Mary Hunt, Moydoo.
    Baptised/ Christened 1 Feb. 2013???, sponsors Tom Walsh & Mary Byron.
    Married Elizabeth Farrell in Strokestown, no date entered.
    Mary Olivia Walsh born 27 Oct. 1940 to John Wm. Walsh & Elizabeth Farrel, Moydoo.
    Baptised/ Christened 2 Nov. 1940, sponsors Thomas Casey & Patricia Brennan.

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