Self-Catering Accommodation in Ireland

For many independent travellers, especially those who plan to stay in an area for more than a few days, self-catering accommodation is ideal. This is a rapidly expanding category in Ireland, with increasing numbers of self-catering units becoming available in both city and rural locations.

Types of Self-Catering Accommodation


Most popular in cities, though there are a few in larger country houses. Usually come with all towels and linen provided. Not all have parking facilities and if they do, especially in Dublin, there may be an extra charge for using them. Electricity is usually metered and charged for separately also.


These vary from cottages in developments of replica traditional buildings to converted out-buildings on country estates. They are generally very good, located in interesting places and can be very reasonably priced off season.

Caravans and Camping

Irish camp sites lagged behind their European counterparts for many years and although they are improving you will not find pools or extensive leisure facilities at many. Some will have caravans or tents available for rent, most expect that you will arrive equipped.

What You Will Pay

Because of the variation in unit type and size, as well as location, prices vary very considerably. Lots of bargains are available off-season and at these times it is usually easier to rent for shorter periods, such as weekends, also.

Expect to pay up to €1000/week or more for a 2 bedroomed apartment sleeping 4 people in Dublin at high season. A three bedroom country cottage sleeping 5-6 people will be about €700-€1000 per week in high season, dropping to less than half of that from October-March. Larger houses, sleeping up to 12-15 people, cost little more, so large groups can get very good value.

Camp sites charge from €15-€20 per night for a tent pitch. Mobile homes or caravans where they are available for rent cost from €200-€600 per week depending on size and location.

Published: December 22, 2008 | Updated: March 31, 2017

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